Why Hydra-Slide

Safety. Simplicity. Strength.
Precision. Power. Personality.

Still wondering Why Hydra-Slide?
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Innovative Problem Solving

Problem solving is in our blood. We don't just design and manufacture specialized equipment, we help you envision new ways of solving your problems. If you need something moved, turned, or repositioned, we've got a Hydra-Slide system that will make the process easier, safer, and more efficient. We're a company built on problem solving. Let us help solve yours. 

Our Products allow you TO DO work you've never done before.

A Promise of Quality—From Fabrication to Field.

When we talk about quality at Hydra-Slide, we’re not just talking about quality in terms of our end product. We’re talking about quality as it pertains to every aspect of our organization. We hire quality people. We use quality materials. We deliver quality experiences to our customers. Quality—you might say—is a cornerstone of the Hydra-Slide brand.

Hydra-Slide promises:

  • To provide superior hydraulic skidding systems.
  • To remain steadfastly committed to quality, simplicity, and usability.
  • To ensure a smooth ride—from fabrication to field.

our promise of quality extends to every aspect of our organization.

Global Solutions

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with clients all across the globe. Regardless of where they call home, we’ve helped our clients envision solutions to complex problems and perform incredible work. Because no matter where you’re located, work is work. And we’re here to help our clients do more of it.

Our Reach:

  • Our customer base spans six continents
  • We serve a vast range of industries, from Crane & Rigging to Railways and Offshore
  • We hold ourselves to the highest global standards of fabrication

Building Relationships.
All across the world.