System Accessories

Capacity: 30-200 Tons (27-181 tonnes)

Hydraulic Jacks

We work with some of the top manufacturers of high-quality, field-proven hydraulic cylinders. We proudly offer a range of PowerTeam double-acting steel jacks and Orbit double-acting aluminum jacks.

Capacity: 100 Tons (91 tonnes)

Modular Stands

Engineered 100-ton capacity modular steel stands—available in standard heights from 18″ to 48″ (460mm to 1220mm).

Aluminum Support Beams

Engineered lightweight aluminum beams provide enhanced support and gap-spanning capability for Hydra-Slide XLP150 and LP350 skidding systems.

Ekki Jacking Timbers

Ideally suited for jacking and blocking applications, Ekki hardwood jacking timbers are exceptionally strong and resistant to crushing and bending.

Dragonwood Jacking Timbers

Engineered jacking timbers made of bamboo composite. These timbers have strength characteristics comparable to traditional hardwood timbers, while being more uniform and more sustainable to produce.

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