Technical Specifications

Product Number Cylinder Capacity (ton) Stroke (in.) Retracted Height (in.) Base (in.) Weight (lbs)
CJ55 Power Team RD556 55 6 15.5 17 x 17 300
CJ100 Enerpac RR1006 100 6 18 24 x 24 750
CJ200 Power Team RD2006 200 6 21.5 28 x 28 1450
Product Number Cylinder Capacity (tonne) Stroke (cm) Retracted Height (cm) Base (cm) Weight (kg)
CJ55 Power Team RD556 50 15 39.4 43 x 43 136
CJ100 Enerpac RR1006 91 15 45.7 61 x 61 340
CJ200 Power Team RD2006 181 15 54.6 71 x 71 658


Climbing Jacks are most advantageous in situations requiring higher lifts or where you want to jack using single blockpiles. Climbing jacks require only a single blockpile for each jacking point as opposed to conventional jacking that requires a jack pile and a separate support pile. This also eliminates the effect of timber piles compressing and expanding as the load is alternately put on and off the piles.

A Climbing Jack incorporates an inverted double-acting cylinder inside a special, wide housing. The rod has a wider foot attachment. As the cylinder is extended, Ekki timbers are placed under the sides of the housing. The cylinder is then retracted and more Ekki timbers are placed under the rod foot. The cylinder is extended again, and this time, a row of Ekki is placed under the housing but at 90⁰ to the first row. This sequence is continued until the load reaches the desired height. For lowering a load, the above sequence is simply reversed.

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Frequently Used Together

Hydra-Pac Synchronous Power Units

Hydra-Pac Synchronous Power Units provide synchronized control of multiple hydraulic cylinders. They are suitable for operation of all Hydra-Slide Skidding Systems, Turntables, Climbing Jacks, and other double-acting jacking applications. These power units are designed with multiple independent oil circuits, providing equal flow to each line regardless of weight distribution and allowing the operator to raise or lower virtually any load equally on all points.

Ekki Jacking Timbers

Ideally suited for jacking and blocking applications, Ekki hardwood jacking timbers are exceptionally strong and resistant to crushing and bending.

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