Specialized Hydraulic Equipment

Innovative products designed to meet the toughest challenges in heavy load moving. From precise rotation and accurate load placement to awkward, oversized, and fragile loads, we have equipment for every job.


Jacking Load Shoes

Our JLS250 Jacking Load Shoes are load-compensating skid shoes designed to work with our Heavy Track skidding systems. This universal shoe can be used with both the HT300 and HT500 interchangeably. The JLS250 shoes can be connected hydraulically with any number of other shoes, increasing the total system capacity while maintaining equal load support and weight distribution.

Powered Turntables

Our engineered Turntables are extremely simple and low-maintenance, and they solve a big problem: rotating any heavy or oversized load accurately and efficiently, even in areas of restricted access or clearance. Ideal for rotating items such as transformers or generators during handling and installation, they incorporate a reversible, hydraulically powered rotating mechanism for precise control.

Alignment Shoes

The AS150 and AS500 Alignment Shoe systems make final precise positioning of a load simple and accurate. Each component is hand-portable, allowing transportation, set-up, and mobilization with minimal personnel and equipment.

Climbing Jacks

Hydra-Jack™ Climbing Jacks incorporate a hydraulic cylinder inverted inside a specially designed load casing. As the jacks are extended and retracted, block piles are progressively built under the jack for a fast and safe means of raising or lowering large loads or structures.

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