Skidding Systems

Hydra-Slide skidding systems are a simple, safe, and cost-effective way to move all types of heavy loads—requiring minimal personnel and equipment for mobilization.

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CAPACITY: Up to 30 TONS (27 tonnes) WORKING HEIGHT: 1.125" (29 mm)

XLP30 Extreme Low Profile

The newly developed XLP30 system allows users to perform smaller moves in a safe, controlled manner. This system is user-friendly, versatile, and like every Hydra-Slide product, designed with the rigger in mind.

Capacity: 300 Tons (272 tonnes)
Height: 7" (180mm)

HT300 Heavy Track

The Hydra-Slide™ HT300 Heavy Track skidding system will push up to 300 tons, and is ideal for working in confined spaces where a rigid, load-carrying track is required.

CAPACITY: 250/150 TONS (227/136 tonnes)
HEIGHT: 1.25″ (32mm)

XLP150 Extreme Low Profile

Engineered for both pushing and pulling up to 150 tons, the Hydra-Slide™ XLP150 Extreme Low Profile skidding system reduces jacking time and is ideal for situations where overhead space or clearance is limited.

Capacity: 500 Tons (454 tonnes)
Height: 8" (205mm)

HT500 Heavy Track

The Hydra-Slide™ HT500 Heavy Track skidding system is engineered for pushing up to 500 tons with standard double-track layout.

CAPACITY: 350 Tons (318 tonnes)
HEIGHT: 1.5" (38MM)

LP350 Low Profile

Engineered for function and convenience, the Hydra-Slide™ LP350 Low Profile skidding system is completely hand-portable and will push up to 350 tons with no come-alongs, winch lines, or holdbacks required.

Capacity: 1000 tons (907 tonnes)
Height: 8" (205mm)

HT1000 Tri-Rail

Our highest capacity skidding system—engineered for pushing up to 1000 tons with standard double track layout, while each track incorporates two push cylinders for maximum slide capability.

CAPACITY: 300-500 TONS (272-454 TONNES)

HT Crossover System

Specially designed and engineered crossover junctions allow fast, easy 90° direction changes with no jacking and no need to reposition tracks.

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The Hydra-Slide staff and products are second to none. The system and support have been, and continue to be, well over our expectations, and we could not be happier."

A Hydra-Slide HT500 skidding system and TT500 turntable combined to provide an effective alternative to a crane as heavy transport and rigging firm Dynamic Specialized replaced a transformer at a facility in Northern Virginia. The scope of work covered the removal and relocation of the old transformer, followed by positioning of a larger transformer on the vacated foundation. The HT500 was employed to slide the loads, while the turntable rotated the larger transformer 90 degrees—all while leaving the transformer fully dressed.

The transformer was originally scheduled to be disassembled, drained, and have all of its bushings removed in order to be moved by crane. It was decided that the heavier transformer could be skidded fully dressed from its storage location to its final pad and rotated via turntable to create clearance for the radiators. This method shaved several days off the original schedule, as the unit did not have to be disassembled or reassembled in its final position.