Conventional Hydraulic Power Units

  • Cart-mounted with frame, handles, and wheels
  • Master control valve with individual needle valves on each outlet


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Conventional power units have a single oil supply circuit. It may be split into more than one outlet circuit, but they are connected, and act as one. The pressure will remain constant in all lines but the flow rates may be different. If the load is heavier on one side, the cylinder with the least load will advance more than the heavier side. When jacking, it is necessary to jack only one end at a time and ensure that the load can never tip. When skidding, it is necessary to ensure that both cylinders advance at nearly the same rate. Our conventional power units are equipped with flow-control valves to help control the flow rates to each push cylinder.

Synchronous power units have multiple but independent oil circuits. The circuits are not connected to each other and will give equal flow to each line regardless of the weight of the load or the pressure in that circuit. We accomplish this by using specially designed piston pumps, valves, and control devices. This allows the user to raise almost any load straight up, safely and equally at all points, without the risk that one side will raise faster than the other. We have also employed special devices on the return side to ensure that the load can be lowered evenly, slowly, and always under control.

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