June 10, 2024

Machinery Moving with Jack and Slide

A straightforward solution for complex project needs - prioritizing reliability, safety, and versatility.

Hydra-Slide's compact and hand-portable Low Profile Skidding Systems are a safe, simple, and reliable way to move heavy machinery in challenging circumstances. We empower our clients to take on new challenges with confidence - saving time, minimizing risk, and setting new standards of excellence.

A Simple Way to Move Machinery

If you're already familiar with jack and slide, you might be picturing huge industrial projects, where the pieces to be moved weigh hundreds of tons. But jacking and sliding with a skidding system is also highly effective for smaller moves; in fact, we designed our newest system, the XLP30 Extreme Low Profile skidding system, specifically to move machinery weighing between 1-30 tons.

There are a few key advantages to using skidding systems- first off, simplicity. The XLP30 system can be assembled entirely by hand with no tools. Furthermore, both assembly and operation can be understood in about two minutes or so, requiring no specialized knowledge or certification.

Check out the video to the left for a demonstration!


Safety Is Job One

With big moves, the risk of catastrophic accidents is apparent, while the risks from smaller moves can be easy to underestimate. Although smaller accidents don’t grab as many headlines, they are just as significant- if not more so.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports* that the transportation and moving sector accounts for over 20% of all workplace injury, higher than any other sector. The next three highest-risk sectors- production, maintenance and repair, and construction and extraction- also involve a lot of material moving.

It makes sense; any time workers are directly providing push or pull force for a move- regardless of the load's size- there are significant inherent risks: slips, trips, and falls; muscular and skeletal injuries from repetitive motion, overexertion, or poor posture; and crush injuries to fingers or limbs. These risks are exacerbated when there is poor communication or poor visibility, and when workers either don't fully understand the task or are insufficiently trained.

Reducing risk to personnel and equipment is perhaps the most important advantage to skidding systems, and a primary reason why we designed the XLP30 system. As illustrated in the video above, this system is easy to use and easy to understand; the load is never freely suspended or moving with significant momentum; and workers can remain clear any time a load is moving.

* Source:

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

This saying comes from the US Navy SEALs, and we find it applies perfectly to moving heavy loads. When we act slowly and smoothly, we can refine our technique, focus on doing things right, and maximize efficiency while minimizing mistakes. We're fast as a result because we don't waste any time.

A slow-moving load is also safer, because the movement can be carefully controlled. That's why we have another saying at Hydra-Slide, friction is your friend.

Sound Investment

A final point about jack and slide systems: they're easy to maintain, long-lasting, and durable. We know of systems that have been in constant use for 30 years or so. The design is fully mechanical, with no electronics, software, or sensitive parts to worry about.

Investing in one of these systems can make today's job easier, safer, and more efficient, but it also means having a tool in your back pocket for future jobs, always ready to go at a moment's notice. 

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