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Go Ahead-Let it Slide

We’re a family first, customer-obsessed, friction-fueled, gravity-inspired group of mechanical engineers, heavy-equipment industry veterans, and all around good people. We believe in hard work, having fun, and living by our values.

Our Values

  • We’re honest to a fault.
  • We’re all human. All the time. And sometimes we’re pretty funny.
  • It all comes back to the customer service we offer.
  • Usable, functional design—each and every time.


Our Team




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Our Clients


I have personally used this equipment a week ago and I was impressed! It certainly made the project go smooth. Our customer was just as impressed. Thank you for the quick shipment as well. I know that is difficult these days.
Superior Cranes
We have had a couple of opportunities to use the HT300 now. We love it! Your product and your customer support are top of the line.
We have been using our Hydra-Slide skid systems on a daily basis for over 5 years and there has been no maintenance besides occasionally putting more graphite on the rails. They have become a key part of our business about moving equipment safely!
Donald Rigging
I wanted to follow up on the delivery of the pump and cylinder to Oconee Nuclear Station for our Feedwater Heater Project.Your team reacted in a way that lately I can hardly find anywhere. It is a pleasure to see this, especially in today’s world where everybody is trying to blame logistics, Covid, and God knows what else.Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Sarens Nuclear Services
It was a big help to have you on-side for our first work using the Hydra-Slide equipment.The equipment has worked perfectly and has already changed our thinking regarding heavy transport and all design around heavy equipment.
Just reaching out to say that our training course was excellent. We had experienced operators and new users and everyone took away something. Robert did a great job presenting. He gave information tailored to our needs and application. Informative and engaging. Really appreciate it.
Bengal Transport
MOB/DEMOB process no longer requires expensive costs and working process is more flexible due to very low weight. Equipment can be handled easily even in very limited spaces. We are quite sure to continue business communication with you in future.
Gi Anti Logistics
The Hydra-Slide system is ideal for situations with limited overhead clearance. We thank the folks at Hydra-Slide for providing an excellent product to the rigging industry!
HWP Rigging
I buy everything that I need from Hydra-Slide because their customer service is so remarkable. If I have a problem with anything that I bought from Hydra-Slide, I contact Hydra-Slide. They will quickly get me a temporary fix or a replacement. If they determine that a supplier is not producing the quality that they need, they find a new supplier. I have had very few issues, but when I do, their support is unmatched
Reynolds Transfer
We slid 3 ea. 380 ton reels on our modified 300 ton sliding system. We used 8 skid shoes, 4 push cylinders, and supported the track 100% to allow for the increased weight. These reels were slid approximately 80 feet to allow ship cranes to lift them.
Berard Transportation
I just got back from Job# 2 in NY State this morning. The turntable worked as planned. Everyone was impressed. Thank you.
Cambridge Rigging
We slid this transformer over 90 ft in about an hour. Our customer was amazed how fast and smooth this job went. We've used them on several jobs now and everyone here loves them.
Duncan Machinery Movers
I have used the LP400 and it did meet all of my expectations and then some. Very nice to have the positive control with the hydraulic push cylinders along with the speed of the ratcheting system, and to have the center marks line up within less than an eighth of an inch made my customer very happy.
T-Lane Transportation
We have executed one project with the turntable and one project with the slide system. Everything was perfect.
100 tonn Service
The 250T turntable worked great with the transformers we have moved lately! Customers were amazed and so were we!
Transport Chainé Inc.
Satisfied customer reporting all went great. Your equipment worked way better than expected. Two transformers where positioned on foundation in less than 2 days.
Gi Anti Logistics
We had to skid a 350,000 lbs transformer approx 500’ in one direction and then another 100’ into the power house in minus 20 weather, system worked like a dream.
T-Lane Transportation
I just wanted to thank you & your dad for your kindness & all your help. The attention & consideration you have shown us is uncommon these days & very much appreciated.
Bonneville Power Administration
GE Europe Engine Dept. was amazed by our capability and equipment. In name of Machado Ltd we thank you, once again.
Transport Machado
We have used the slide system twice now and it works great. My safety professional liked it a lot better than the old way we used to do it.
Machado Ltd finished 3 skidding operations with our LP400. Alstom engineers were impressed with our equipment. Want to thank you once again.
Transport Machado
Everything went perfect with the system. We have just finished setting the Autoclave. Thank you again for the wonderful service. I will highly recommend Hydra Slide every chance I get. Thanks.
Guy M. Turner, Inc.
MEI is so pleased with how the Alignment Shoe extensions are working to slide these generators together and allow us the capability do so without reconfiguring the system for a final push. It generally saves us 4 hours per instance that occurs. MEI can’t thank your team enough!
Our critical lift using the XLP150 was yesterday. Everything worked perfectly
Consolidated Nuclear Services
Environmentally we are committed to our future. There are fewer resources used to produce the Hydra-Slide. There are fewer resources that get us to the job. There are fewer resources to maintaining the systems because they are simple. Customers appreciate the simplicity and predictability of what we accomplish using the Hydra-Slide.
Reynolds Transfer