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XLP150 Extreme Low Profile System

The Hydra-Slide™ XLP150 skidding system is the world’s safest and most cost-effective method of moving heavy loads in areas where overhead space is limited and clearance counts.

Small Spaces.
Maximum Muscle.

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capacity: 250/150 TONS (227/136 Tonnes)
HEIGHT: 1.25″ (32mm)

XLP150 Extreme Low Profile

Engineered for both pushing and pulling up to 150 tons, the Hydra-Slide™ XLP150 Low Profile skidding system reduces jacking time and is ideal for situations where overhead space or clearance is limited.

Capacity: 500 Tons (454 tonnes)
Height: 8" (205mm)

HT500 Heavy Track

The Hydra-Slide™ HT500 Heavy Track skidding system is engineered for pushing up to 500 tons with standard double-track layout.

available with 4, 6, or 8 ports

Hydra-Pac Hydraulic Power Units

Our Hydra-Pac™ Synchronous Power Units provide synchronized control of multiple hydraulic cylinders. Designed with multiple independent oil circuits, these power units provide equal flow to each circuit regardless of the weight of the load or the pressure in the circuit.

CAPACITY: Up to 1000 TONS (907 tonnes)

Hydraulic Turntables

Our engineered Turntables are extremely simple and low-maintenance, and they solve a big problem: rotating any heavy or oversized load accurately and efficiently, even in areas of restricted access or clearance. Ideal for rotating items such as transformers or generators during handling and installation, they incorporate a reversible, hydraulically powered rotating mechanism for precise control.

Capacity: 300 Tons (272 tonnes)
Height: 7" (180mm)

HT300 Heavy Track

The Hydra-Slide™ HT300 Heavy Track skidding system will push up to 300 tons, and is ideal for working in confined spaces where a rigid, load-carrying track is required.

CAPACITY: 350 Tons (318 tonnes)
HEIGHT: 1.5" (38mm)

LP350 Low Profile

Engineered for function and convenience, the Hydra-Slide™ LP350 Low Profile skidding system is completely hand-portable and will push up to 350 tons with no come-alongs, winch lines, or holdbacks required.

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